Furon® Static Mixer

Furon Static Mixers from Saint-Gobain are ideal for mixing two or more chemicals with minimal pressure loss. The compact, inline design allows for easy installation into existing pipelines. Internal mixing components are removable, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. Outlet end connection types and sizes can be easily changed to accommodate a variety of piping configurations.


Item # End Connection size in (mm) End Connection Type Liquid Type Max. Flow Rate GPM (LPM) CAD
SM-F1616-1 1 (25.4)
  • Flare
  • High Purity Water
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
SM-F88-1 1/2 (12.7)
  • Flare
  • High Purity Water
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) 212 (100)
Max. Inlet Liquid Pressure Psig (Bar) 90 (6.2)
Flow Path 2 Way
Nut Material PVDF


  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Wafer Processing Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Machined from premium virgin PTFE
  • O-ring free design Metal Free
  • Compact mixing solution
  • Minimize pressure drop vs other standard similar solution
  • Retains seal integrity over countless disassembles/reassembles for cleaning purposes
  • ½-inch & 1-inch Flare End Connections

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