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Furon Valves from Saint-Gobain are ideal for fluid delivery applications where aggressive chemicals, ultra-pure chemicals, chemical mechanical polishing liquids and slurries are transferred. Designed with state-of-the-art, patent-protected technology, our valves offer improved flow capabilities and stronger performance against back pressure, resulting in higher process efficiency and reduced operations downtime. 

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Furon Products' Premium Sealing Technology
Tongue & Groove Technology

Our patent-protected tongue and groove technology is an O-ring-free sealing solution engineered to eliminate elastomeric contamination and chemical compatibility issues. With its robust construction, this technology reduces tongue distortion and delivers premium sealing efficiency under higher pressures. 

Furon Specialty Valves Datasheets
Valve Datasheets and Related Documents

Saint-Gobain Document Center offers a wide variety of literature and media including datasheets, brochures, white papers, articles, and more.

Furon Patented Valve Technology
Rolling Diaphragm Technology

Rolling diaphragm technology is core to a range of Furon products, which are known for their durability, reliability and premium performance even in the most demanding environment. Saint-Gobain’s patented rolling diaphragm technology is just one example of our ability to think outside the box, to approach design from a unique perspective.

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