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Furon Specialty Valves address specific requirements ranging from simple metering functions to advanced suck back capabilities.

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Superior Reliability and Precise Performance - Suckback Valve Video
Furon® Suckback Valve

This specialty Suckback Valve offers superior reliability and precise performance for any highly critical application. It creates a small vacuum when switching from an open to closed position, allowing it to suck back a predetermined amount of liquid, preventing extra drops from being dispensed after valve closure.

Furon Specialty Valves Datasheets
Specialty Valve Datasheets and Related Documents

Saint-Gobain Document Center offers a wide variety of literature and media including datasheets, brochures, white papers, articles, safety data sheets and more.

Furon Products' Premium Sealing Technology
Tongue & Groove Technology

Our patent-protected tongue and groove technology is an O-ring-free sealing solution engineered to eliminate elastomeric contamination and chemical compatibility issues. With its robust construction, this technology reduces tongue distortion and delivers premium sealing efficiency under higher pressures. 

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