Pressure Regulators

High-purity Furon Pressure Regulators are engineered to accurately maintain predetermined input (back) and output pressures in fluid lines utilizing manual and pneumatic actuators.

Accurate Control - Back Pressure Regulator
Furon® UPBM Pressure Regulator

The Furon UPBM Back Pressure Regulator is a control valve engineered to accurately maintain a preset upstream pressure in critical liquid lines, available in manual and pneumatic actuator models. They are commonly positioned at a crucial point in a system downstream from sensitive equipment to maintain a set pressure needed for optimal operation.

Precise Performance Pressure Regulator
Furon® UPRP Precision Pressure Regulator

The Furon UPRP is engineered to accurately maintain predetermined output pressures in fluid lines, available in manual and pneumatic actuator models. They are designed for precise delivery of aggressive pure chemicals and DI water applications that eliminate squealing and chatter at all flow rates.

Furon Products' Premium Sealing Technology
Tongue & Groove Technology

Our patent-protected tongue and groove technology is an O-ring-free sealing solution engineered to eliminate elastomeric contamination and chemical compatibility issues. With its robust construction, this technology reduces tongue distortion and delivers premium sealing efficiency under higher pressures. 

Furon Pressure Regulators & How They Work

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Furon UPBM Back Pressure Regulators And How They Work

The Furon UPBM Pressure Regulator is one of Saint-Gobain’s line of pressure regulators, but it does not function like the others...

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Furon Downstream Pressure Regulators: UPRM vs UPRP

The Furon UPRM and UPRP Pressure Regulators both maintain the downstream output flow pressures and are installed at the start of a system or pressure

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