Valve Boxes and Hook Up Solutions

Saint-Gobain's array of high-purity Furon fluid handling products are ideal components for valve boxes and hook up solutions. Our high-purity valves, tubing and customized manifolds provide excellent performance distributing harsh chemicals in microelectronics manufacturing applications. We have decades of experience designing custom solutions for valve boxes and hook up delivery systems that save space, reduce potential leaks and ensure the safety and integrity of the fluids being distributed throughout the fab. Our engineers and scientists possess extensive material and process knowledge, and work directly with your team to co-develop the solutions needed according to your exact specifications. 


  • Premium flow performance up to 7 bars  

  • Compact distribution design  

  • Unmatched tube and robust hose connections 

  • HP PFA tubing meets industry-best standards  

  • Coax and dual containment tubing enhance safety 

  • No O-Ring connections utilize Tongue and Groove seal technology ideal for welded valve boxes 

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Co-Development Capabilities

With extensive of co-development experience, we deliver custom solutions that meet the most demanding specifications.

Furon Product Line

Our Engineers work directly with our customers to design customized solutions for their high-purity needs.

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