Furon® Manifolds

Saint-Gobain Furon Manifolds are co-developed and custom designed to specific customer configurations and provide unparalleled flexibility in a space-saving package. Integrated and Surface Mounted Manifolds are built on a common base which provide completed compact systems, easy to install in one piece. Stick Manifolds are designed for high flow applications like bulk chemical delivery systems or wherever a higher flow rate is needed. 

Furon Manifolds are made from high-purity, injection molded PFA, ideal for semiconductor manufacturing processes, including high-purity and corrosive chemical applications that require a high Cv factor. The valves used within the manifold are 2 way manual multi-turn or pneumatic actuated configurations. 

Features & Benefits

  • Minimize valve system into a compact footprint 
  • Rapid turnaround from prototype to production  
  • Extensive variety of assembly components 
  • Ideal for slurry and chemical delivery applications   
  • Compact, reliable turn-key solution  
  • Fewer end connections mitigates risk for potential leaks    
  • Proprietary unique part numbers created for customers’ custom designs and configurations 

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Co-Development Capabilities

With extensive of co-development experience, we deliver custom solutions that meet the most demanding specifications.

Furon Product Line

Our Engineers work directly with our customers to design customized solutions for their high-purity needs.

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