Furon® CT-FLEX™ Tubing

Corrugated Fluoropolymer Tubing for Ultimate Flexibility

Furon CT-FLEX Tubing from Saint-Gobain is a corrugated PFA or FEP product. It is extremely flexible, has a bend radius of virtually zero and can be extended or compressed without affecting the inner diameter. This tubing shapes and flexes easily and will conform to the most tortuous paths.


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) (200)


  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Wafer Processing Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Unique chemical, electrical and thermal properties
  • Extension/compression length ratio: approximately 2:1
  • Bend diameter: ½" (12.7 mm) of tubing I.D.
  • Maximum continuous service temperature 200˚F (93.3˚C)/0 pressure

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