Furon® HGVM Valve - 2 Way Manual 2-Inch

High Purity Diaphragm Valve

Furon HGVM 2 Way Manual 2-Inch orifice Valves from Saint-Gobain are engineered from virgin PTFE, injection molded PFA and other thermoplastics. They offer the highest Cv flow factor of any fluoropolymer valve of its size in the industry. Furon HGVM high purity valves offer a reliable means of handling large volumes of aggressive or ultrapure chemistries. Our patented PTFE rolling diaphragm is ideal for use in high back pressure conditions which are commonly found in Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems. In-line fluid ports and a fully swept internal flow path support maximum flow efficiency. This manually actuated version features a large, ergonomically designed adjustment knob for ease of operation.


Item # End Connection size in (mm) End Connection Type Orifice in (mm) Liquid Type Flow Factor Cv
HGVM2-73224-MT 1 1/2 (38.1)
  • FuseBond™
2" (50.8)
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
HGVM2-73232-MT 2 (50.8)
  • FuseBond™
2" (50.8)
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) 203 (95)
Max. Inlet Liquid Pressure Psig (Bar) 80 (5.5)
Max. Outlet Liquid Pressure Psig (Bar) 80 (5)
Max. Liquid Back Pressure Psig (Bar) 80 (5.5)
Flow Path 2 Way
Visual Indicator Yes


  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems

Features & Benefits

  • 52 Cv flow factor
  • All virgin PTFE and PFA wetted flow path
  • Fully swept internal flow path Patented rolling diaphragm
  • Light weight for easy handling and ergonomic ease
  • Visual position indication facilitates end user safety
  • In-line ports support maximum flow efficiency and ease of installation
  • Dual O-ring Free union and locking design feature for improved protection, eliminate dead space and elastomeric contamination
  • High back pressure capability ensures safety and high performance

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