Furon Tubing Re-Brand Advancements

Furon Tubing Re-Brand Advancements

Furon Tubing Re-Brand Advancements

Saint-Gobain is constantly evolving in its pursuit to improve our services, materials, and products. In May of 2023, the Life Sciences Electronics division rebranded our Microelectronics/Semiconductor specific tubing and pipe product from Versilon® to Furon®. Our purpose with this is to organize and simplify our Microelectronics products under one recognized and respected brand. Throughout the rebranding process, our focus has been on expanding our tubing product line, increasing our footprint and geographic reach, and implementation of a new part number nomenclature system for specific tubing.    

Expansion of Tubing Offering

Expanding our tubing offering provides our customers additional options and better solutions to address their fluid handling goals. The Furon Coax Tubing combinations is one example of how we have expanded our tubing selection. It features an inner chemical transfer tube (media) with a secondary outer containment tube that provides an extra layer of protection for any critical application. The media and containment tubing can be manufactured in various combinations in regard to material and type of tubing. Our original offering was a Smooth/Smooth tubing combination, but now a Smooth/Convoluted Flexible tubing combination is available. This combination of Furon Coax Tubing features a smooth, inner media tube constructed of high purity material, with an Ultra-Clean (UC) option, for exceptional protection against media contamination. This can be paired with a containment tube of Furon ConvoFlexTM Tubing. ConvoFlex Tubing is robust and resistant to highly aggressive chemicals, featuring outstanding flexibility with a compact bend radius, ideal in tortuous path installations. Our customers have the option for it to be manufactured in FEP material, which may be more economical when high purity is not required, or in specific grades of PFA. 

In addition to the further development of our Coax tubing, what sets us apart is our ability to customize our Furon tubing line to your system’s needs. Specialty applications often require specific tubing sizes and/or materials, with collaboration between Saint-Gobain’s experts and our customers, we work together to find the best solution for their application.

As part of our tubing line expansion, we are providing a more complete range of tubing options for our customers. We have introduced Furon branded standard grade PFA Tubing and FEP Tubing, dedicated for semiconductor and microelectronics applications, where high purity may not be needed. Furon FEP and standard grade Furon PFA tubing offer superior performance along with excellent chemical resistance.   


Historically, our Microelectronics/Semiconductor specific tubing and pipe products have been manufactured in our Mickleton, New Jersey facility. Recently our Neuss manufacturing facility in Germany has broaden their capabilities and now produces tubing for our semiconductor customers as well. Throughout our rebranding process, our engineering, quality and production teams at both Mickleton and Neuss, have been in close contact and have collaborated to make the transition smooth and maximize our product offering. We will continue to work on how we can better serve our customers’ needs as the semiconductor market evolves worldwide.  

New Part Numbers and Nomenclature

Often part numbers are random numbers and letters that do not carry specific meaning or are difficult to decipher. Saint-Gobain has developed new nomenclature for several Furon Tubing products, including Coax, ConvoFlex, CT-FlexTM, FEP and standard grade PFA. Our new part numbers now define the product type, size, material, and other properties, depending on the tubing. This naming system also allows for a unique part number for a custom item with specific material, and/or a tubing tailored to a customer. The nomenclature codes are defined on each tubing datasheet that can be found on our website. 

Furon Tubing Coax Nomenclature

Saint-Gobain strives to better serve our customers through the expansion of our tubing offerings, constant collaboration with our global manufacturing facilities, and by defining a logic to our product line. These steps lay out an organized road map for future development and advancement of our Furon tubing offering. 

HP PFA Pipe & Tubing Available with Shorter Lead Times

Saint-Gobain’s Furon High-Purity PFA pipe and tubing is now available with shorter lead times due to their influx of PFA raw material supply. 

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