Furon® PPRD1 Pumps

Pneumatic Dosing Pump

Furon PPRD1 High-Purity Pumps from Saint-Gobain operate pneumatically with a 6-40 mL stroke capability – one bellow made from PTFE is driven forward and backward to deliver each dose of chemical. These pumps are available with either pneumatic or inductive end position sensors, they can be operated according to various modes, including single shot, timer, a preset number of strokes and more, depending on the characteristics of the control unit selected. PPRD1 Pumps are manufactured with high-purity PFA and PTFE wetted components, suitable for pumping even the most corrosive concentrated chemicals, including acids and solvents. All other components are manufactured with high-tech materials and assembled in our cleanroom, tested with DI water, cleaned and double sealed in plastic bags.

Features & Benefits

  • All wetted parts made of High Purity PFA HP or Virgin PTFE
  • Assembled, cleaned and packed in cleanroom
  • Self-priming - Easy to start
  • Compact and clear construction - Easy to locate and maintain
  • Clever manual tuning of the dose from 6 to 40 ml - Easy to set up
  • +/- 1% accuracy and repeatability


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) 212 (100)
Max. Air Pressure Forward Psig (Bar) 4.8 (70)
Self Priming Yes
Single Dispense Capacity (shot) 6 - 40
Viscosity 500
Accuracy % (μL) ± 1%
Dispense Repeatability ± 1%
Max. Dispense Volume by Stroke fl oz (mL) 0.20 to 1.4 (6 to 40)
Air Connection Tubing 2.7 x 4 mm


  • Wafer Processing Solutions

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