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Statement of Performance: Furon® HPV, 3-Way (Mini) Valve Cycling Test

Statement of Performance: Furon® HPV, 3-Way (Mini) Valve Cycling Test

An accelerated life test was conducted on Furon HPV3 Mini Valves, which were subjected to 1,000,000 cycles.

Accelerated Life Test Method

A set of Furon HPV, 3-way mini valves were assembled in a manifold set (Figure 1). Each valve was cycled 3 seconds open and 3 seconds closed at room temperature with an actuator pressure of 70 psig. The pressure of the deionized (DI) water running through the valve was set at 80 psig. At regular cycle intervals, the valves were removed from the manifold and examined to ensure they retained pressure capabilities and performance integrity.

Read the complete Statement of Performance for test details and results.

Furon HPV, 3-Way Mini Valves are compact, robust and offer superior performance and reliability in environments involving aggressive chemistries. Unique to the industry, it is the only true, 3-way valve for high purity fluid handling applications. They are engineered to improve clean-up time and minimize liquid entrapment.


Furon HPV3 Mini Valve Manifold Cycling Test


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