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Furon® UPX 3-Way ½ Inch Orifice Reliability in 37% HCl Statement of Performance

Furon® UPX 3-Way ½ Inch Orifice Reliability in 37% HCl Statement of Performance

The Furon UPX 3-Way Valves with a half inch orifice have undergone an accelerated life test for reliability in 37 wt% hydrochloric acid (HCl) which were subjected to 1,800,000 cycles.

Accelerated Life Test Method

Eight UPX3-F88 valves were assembled in a manifold allowing parallel flow paths through each set of 8 valves. The valves were cycled between two outlet ports every 3 seconds with an actuator pressure of 80 psig. The cleanroom grade HCl delivery pressure to the valves was maintained at 80 psig. The acid was single-pass filtered through a 0.45µm filter prior to the valve manifold and was replenished regularly to insure full chemical strength was maintained. The valves were tested for cracking pressure internal leakage and external leakage port-to-port leakage at 0 cycles and every 150k cycles. 

Read the complete Statement of Performance for test details and results.

Furon UPX, 3-Way Valves are specifically designed for safe and reliable transfer of highly aggressive chemicals, including concentrated HF and HCl. Furon UPX Valves are capable of handling a wide variety of abrasive slurries and have a long track record of success in slurry applications. Furon UPX, 3-Way valves are available in Pneumatic and Manual actuations.


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