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Furon® MDP 50 Pump Case Study

Accurate Dosing Solution Requiring a Longer Pump Life

The Challenge

Saint-Gobain strives to work with our customers to solve their equipment and process challenges, and most importantly, create a safer work environment for their staff. A well-known Korean chip manufacturer was using a syringe pump to dose a highly corrosive chemical in their chip fabrication process. They experienced an issue with the short lifetime of their pump. Looking for a reliable dosing pump that efficiently dispenses small amounts of liquid, we proposed the Furon MDP 50 Pump, suitable for use with highly corrosive media.

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From the inception of this project, Saint-Gobain’s engineers collaborated closely with the customer’s engineering team. The wetted flow path of the syringe pump the customer was using is not constructed exclusively of high purity material and is driven by a step-motor system. 

Saint-Gobain provided the customer a sample of the pump for a field test. The customer was very satisfied with the high purity material which can withstand highly corrosive chemicals. Also, they were pleased with the air driving system, rolling diaphragm technology and the ease to adjust and lock the dispense volume setting, unlike the syringe pump. The customer tested to dose 0.3 ml, 0.4 ml and 0.5 ml by one shot using DI water and were very pleased with their results. The compact design of the MDP 50 pump was able to meet the small footprint they required. 

Customer Experience

The Furon MDP 50 pump achieved positive results in the testing completed by customer. The high purity, chemical resistant construction of the pump provided the long life capacity needed. Additionally, the operational benefits provided an efficient solution for their need to easily dispense small amounts of liquids accurately. 

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Case Study: Furon® MDP 50 Pump

Accurate Dosing Solution Requiring a Longer Pump Life

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Case Study: Furon® MDP 50 Pump
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