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Case Study: Furon® HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valve

Case Study: Furon® HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valve

The newly redesigned Furon HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valve limits upstream pressure spikes by opening at a preset value and discharging the media from its position. The valve is calibrated at a defined pressure based on a factored setting, but can be adjusted, fine-tuned and locked into a tamper-proof, customized setting in the field through the use of a dual nut locking system to ensure proper control, safety and protection of the installation.

Read the complete Case Study for more details.

Furon HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valves are ideal and a reliable choice for semiconductor processes, fabricated specifically for applications where there is a need to ensure pressure does not build up above a certain value.

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