Versilon Branded Semiconductor Tubing & Pipe is Changing Over to Furon Brand

Same High Quality Performance - Unifying Under Our Microelectronics Brand

Our Microelectronics/Semiconductor specific tubing and pipe products are rebranding from Versilon® to Furon® in response to evolving market requirements to organize and simplify our Microelectronics products under one recognized & well-known brand. After a strategic review, we have identified an opportunity to better serve our customers by differentiating and specializing product offerings between general industry and microelectronics.

Our quality management system, and compliance certifications will not be impacted. There will be no change in any specification values, tolerances, raw materials or physical properties of our tubing and pipe products. Additionally, the manufacturing and inspection process, equipment, and environment will remain the same.

Saint-Gobain’s Furon fluoropolymer tubing will continue to provide a wide range of sizes, as well as a variety of shapes from basic to complex, including convoluted, corrugated, or dual containment tubing. We pride ourselves to meet or exceed the most stringent standards and requirements, offering high-purity and/or chemical resistant tubing solutions for your fluid handling system dedicated to the semiconductor industry.

The Versilon brand tubing is still available within the chemical, food & beverage, and lab & environmental testing markets. See our Industrial & Consumer Solutions site to explore their diverse product offering.

Versilon to Furon Tubing


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