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Statement of Performance: Furon® Q-Valve Reliability in 49% HF

Statement of Performance: Furon® Q-Valve Reliability in 49% HF

Furon Q-Valves were tested for reliability in HF by an independent test lab. An accelerated life test was used to determine the B10 life — the number of cycles at which 10% of the valves would be expected to fail.

Accelerated Life Test Method

Eight 1/4” Q-Valves were assembled in a manifold allowing two parallel flow paths through each set of 4 valves. Each set was cycled 3 seconds open and 3 seconds closed at room temperature with an actuator pressure of 80 psig. One set was opened as the other set was closed to maintain a constant flow of acid through the system at 74-80 psig. Flow was provided by a double diaphragm pump. Valves were inspected every workday for leaks.

Read the complete Statement of Performance for test details and results.

Q-Valves were designed and engineered to allow easy field maintenance with simple actuator and diaphragm replacement for the low cost of ownership and superior system uptime.

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