Furon® ConvoFlex™ Tubing

Furon ConvoFlex Tubing from Saint-Gobain is specifically designed to be used with our Furon line of FlareGrip® molded PFA flare fittings. The convoluted flexible tubing features a spiral design that aids in self-flushing and cleaning. It is highly resistant to chemicals, offers read-through transparency and is ideal for semiconductor, aerospace and chemical processing applications. Furon ConvoFlex tubing has outstanding flexibility, high dielectric strength and superior chemical resistance – making it an excellent choice for wire conduit.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible convoluted construction
  • Easily cold flared for use with FlareGrip® tube fittings
  • Read-through transparency
  • Virtually unlimited length capability
  • Continuous flow path - self-flushing
  • Excellent as chemically resistant wire conduit


  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Wafer Processing Solutions

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