Saint-Gobain Sustainability
Sustainability is the Heart of our Corporate Culture

How Electronics Help Our Customers On Their Sustainability Journey

In the semiconductor industry, any way to save on energy consumption is ideal and supports a company’s sustainability goals. Saint-Gobain keeps this detail in mind when designing our products. For example, Furon Manifolds, pumps and various valves supply a great energy saving solution. They provide a smaller manufacturing footprint, which reduces energy consumption to produce their product, especially in a cleanroom environment where constant temperature control is critical.

We help design systems with greater integrity and less potential leak paths, minimizing scrap and avoiding chemical, slurry, and water loss caused by leaks.

In some cases, Saint-Gobain can also provide reusable packaging to our customers to conserve waste.

Manufacturing Facilities Environmental Efforts
Minimal Loss of Material

We design wherever possible parts that can be injection molded vs. machined

Recycling & Conservation of Water

We operate with closed loop water systems, with no discharge 

Energy Saving Initiatives

From upgrading to LED bulbs, the use of skylights, to light reflecting materials on building exteriors to minimize energy consumption

Recycling Waste & Reusing Material at Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain facilities operate a recycling system with cardboard and other wastes. Scrap and polymeric material are recycled and utilized in other markets. We regrind certain material and reuse and recycle back into process wherever possible. 

Saint-Gobain, Garden Grove
Furon PV Series Pump
Saint-Gobain Recycled Materials Initiative

The Furon PV Series Pump is an excellent example end-product of our recycled material program. The pump’s non-wetted components are manufactured from advanced engineered thermoplastics such as PEEK and ETFE. PFA material is recovered from the spool from our injected component, re-ground, re-pelletized and turned into usable material for the PV Series Pump. The recycled PFA material remains in our facility and does not have contact with any chemistry.

Saint-Gobain's Purpose

All our teams around the world now share an ambitious and meaningful purpose, Making the World a Better Home. A purpose that not only inspires but calls for action.

The global challenges of climate change, resource preservation, and increase of population are addressed in the recent strategic plan GROW & IMPACT. It aims at tackling sustainability calls for more sustainable industry, improving daily life through high performance solutions.

Saint-Gobain Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Saint-Gobain's strategy. It draws on a double pledge: minimizing the Group's footprint as with regards to people, the environment, and maximizing its positive contribution as with regards to climate, social, and societal challenges. This business model directly contributes to ESG (Environment Social Governance) outcomes and links with Creating Shared value: “[…] beyond reducing negative impact and creating a positive one; Financial, societal and environmental benefits can be achieved simultaneously.”

Download our Sustainable and Responsible Development - CSR Roadmap

Saint-Gobain reinforces its commitment for sustainable development regularly and is recognized as a committed player by extra-financial rating agencies.
CDP Climate Change 2022 Questionnaire

Improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure is essential to the effective management of climate change risk.

Annual Extra-Financial Reporting

Corporate Responsibility - At Saint-Gobain, we are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.

UN Global Compact

Our Commitments, Partnerships and Recognitions

Resource Center

Saint-Gobain employees are the first ambassadors of the Groups' values and know-how.

Environment, Health, and Safety at the Heart of the Corporate Culture

Plus, Saint-Gobain has rolled out EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) policies in all factories to manage water, circular economy, energy, and air emissions, sustainably manage resources and biodiversity, health, human right, high-risk minerals, timber, among others.

See our Resource Center

In addition, Saint-Gobain committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in 2019, by signing the UN Global Compact’s “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” pledge. Please find below the Saint-Gobain net zero carbon strategy. Its emission reduction targets have been approved by the Science Based Target Initiative. 

See our Corporate Responsibility on Climate Change

In the meantime, Saint-Gobain sets ambitious targets for 2025, compared to 2010, at equal levels of production, to reduce its environmental impacts, not only on carbon, but also on waste, water, and energy consumption:

Industrial water withdrawal

Reduced by 50%

Non-valorized production residue

Reduced by 80%

Zero water discharge

In areas with extremely high-water risk

Virgin raw materials

Avoided by 30%

100% recyclable packaging

With 30% recycled or bio-sourced content

100% Life Cycle Assessment

For all Group product ranges

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