Furon® FlareGrip® II Fittings - PVDF Nut

Industry Standard, Fine Thread Flare

Furon FlareGrip II PVDF Nut Fittings from Saint-Gobain are utilized for fitting installations on flare connections. The PVDF Nuts provide an ideal fine thread flare solution and superb performance for transfer, bulk delivery dispensing, and recirculation for the Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Chemical processing, or any industry where high-purity and chemical resistance is essential. The product line utilizes injection molding and a premium grade of high-purity PFA. 


Item # Configuration Liquid Type Connection size leg X in (mm) Connection size leg Y in (mm) CAD
FMF12N-1 Nut
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
3/4" (19.05) 3/4" (19.05)
FMF16N-1 Nut
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
1 (25.4)
FMF4N-1 Nut
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
1/4" (6.35) 1/4" (6.35)
FMF6N-1 Nut
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
3/8" (9.525) 3/8" (9.525)
FMF8N-1 Nut
  • High Purity Chemistry
  • Slurry
  • High Purity Water
1/2" (12.7) 1/2" (12.7)


  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Valve Boxes and Hook Up Solutions
  • Wafer Processing Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Molded from virgin premium high-purity PFA
  • Ideally used with Furon HP PFA 400 Tubing
  • Male Flare & Female Flare
  • Large variety of configurations:
    • Tee
    • Cap
    • Reducer
    • Elbow
  • Transition fitting to other connection styles:
    • NPT connections
    • FuseBond™ connections
  • Nuts available in different types of material to fit your exact need, among the most commonly manufactured:
    • PFA
    • ETFE
    • PVDF
  • Double bagged in Cleanroom

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