Furon® MDP 1000 Pump

Mini Dosing Pump

Furon MDP 1000 High-Purity Pumps from Saint-Gobain are an efficient solution for accurately dispensing small amounts of liquids. Designed with a 100% fluoropolymer wetted flow path, Furon mini dispensing pumps are suitable for use with highly corrosive and ultra-high purity media. Pneumatically driven, when pilot air is applied to the actuator, the pump dispenses the desired volume. Manual adjustment knobs allow for easy setting of dispense volume (shot size) and dispense speed. The compact and efficient design makes Furon mini dispensing pumps an ideal solution for dosing of liquids in Semiconductor wet processes, accurate dispensing of liquids into containers or vials (filling line equipment), and industrial chemical processing.


Item # End Connection size in (mm) Orifice in (mm) Liquid Type Driving System Logic Max. Back Discharge Pressure Psig (bar) Max Suction Head ft (m) CAD
MDP1000 1/4 (6.35) 1/4" (6.35)
  • High Purity Water
  • High Purity Chemistry
Plug and Play 60 (4.1) 6 (1.8288)


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) 180 (41)
Max. Liquid Back Pressure Psig (Bar) 70 (4.8)
Max. Air Pressure Forward Psig (Bar) 4.8 (70)
Self Priming Yes
Single Dispense Capacity (shot) 0 - 10
Viscosity 500
Accuracy % (μL) ± 1%
Dispense Repeatability ± 1%
Dispense Speed Full dispense in 1.0 sec to 3.0 sec, Adjustable 3.3 to 10.0 mL/sec
Max. Dispense Volume mL 10
Max. Dispense Volume by Stroke fl oz (mL) 0.003 to 0.34 (0 to 10)


  • Wafer Processing Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Efficiently dispenses small amounts of liquid (up to 10 mL)
  • Ideal alternative to peristaltic pumps
  • Virgin PTFE and PFA wetted flow path suitable for ultrapure applications
  • Suitable for use with corrosive and aggressive media
  • Patented PTFE rolling diaphragm technology
  • Dispense accuracy and repeatability ± 1%
  • Fine adjustable dispense volume and speed
  • Compact design

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