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Benchmark Report: Furon HP PFA 400 - Surface Extraction

Surface Extraction Comparison of Versilon HP PFA 400 and Two Other Industry Recognized Tubing Manufacturers

PDF | 1 page | 150.65 KB
Case Study: Expertise Resolves Demanding Sealing Solution for Large PFA Pipe Diameter

Expertise Resolves Demanding Sealing Solution for Large PFA Pipe Diameter

PDF | 1 page | 218.43 KB
High-Purity Fluid Handling Solutions for Microelectronics

Featuring Furon® products, Saint-Gobain’s newly updated High-Purity Fluid Handing Solutions for Microelectronics catalog that gives an overview of the

PDF | 32 pages | 12.72 MB
Statement of Performance: Surface Extraction from Furon HP PFA 400

Versilon HP PFA 400 tubes have been tested for Polymer Materials and Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems

PDF | 1 page | 98.56 KB
Versilon HP PFA 400 Straight Length Tubing Datasheet
PDF | 2 pages | 531.91 KB
Versilon HP PFA 400 Tubing Datasheet
PDF | 2 pages | 355.08 KB
Versilon HP PFA 400 UC Tubing Datasheet

Versilon® HP PFA 400 UC Tubing is specifically designed to be used with the harshest chemicals while offering the greatest level of purity, matching

PDF | 2 pages | 344.06 KB
Versilon HP PFA Coax Tubing Datasheet

Versilon® HP PFA Coax Tubing is constructed of high-purity PFA for unparalleled protection against media contamination, featuring a secondary containment

PDF | 2 pages | 340.28 KB
Versilon HP PFA Pipe Datasheet

Versilon® HP PFA Pipe is made from high-purity PFA grade resin, making it the ideal component for your fusebonded manifold and assembly.

PDF | 2 pages | 785.75 KB

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