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Benchmark Report: A Comparison of Flow Coefficients of Furon®, GEMÜ® and Entegris Valves

Pneumatic control valves were tested to determine the flow coefficient (Cv). The Furon HGVM valve most closely matched the manufacturer’s stated value at 0

PDF | 2 pages | 561.37 KB
Benchmark Report: Furon® HGVM Valve - Flow Coefficient
PDF | 2 pages | 565.35 KB
Benchmark Report: Furon® Q-Valve - Impact on Slurry
PDF | 1 page | 467.75 KB
Benchmark Report: Furon® Q-Valve - Reliability in Slurry

Benchmark report compares Furon® Q-Valve with GEMÜ® CleanStar and their impact on Cabot Semi-Sperse™ 12 Slurry. Read more for details.

PDF | 2 pages | 730.62 KB
Case Study: Furon® HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valve

The newly redesigned Furon HPVM-RV Pressure Relief Valve limits upstream pressure spikes by opening at a preset value and discharging the media from its

PDF | 1 page | 388.28 KB
Case Study: Toggle Valve Solution Improves Safety and Efficiency in Chemical Distribution System
PDF | 1 page | 153.4 KB
Case Study: Trusted Collaboration Results in Agile Solutions for OEM

Collaborative Design Services Result in Agile Solutions

PDF | 1 page | 433.5 KB
Case Study: Wet-Bench OEM Benefits from Premium Products & Co-Development
PDF | 1 page | 232.85 KB
Furon CDV Valve - 2 Way Manual Toggle Datasheet

Furon® CDV 2 Way Manual Toggle Valves from Saint-Gobain are specially designed to minimize the entrapment of liquids.

PDF | 2 pages | 750.59 KB
Furon CDV Valve - 2 Way Multi-Turn Datasheet

Furon® CDV Manual 2 Way Multi-Turn Valves from Saint-Gobain are engineered to handle the most aggressive, corrosive and ultra-high purity media.

PDF | 2 pages | 1.13 MB

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