Furon® High Temperature Pumps

High Purity Bellow Pump

Furon High Temperature Pumps from Saint-Gobain are constructed with no metal parts and 100% high purity PFA and PTFE wetted parts, ideal for pumping even the most aggressive chemicals. Their non-wetted components are manufactured from advanced engineering thermoplastics, including fiber reinforced plastics to enable premium performance at elevated temperatures. These pumps are self-priming and easy to install.

Features & Benefits

  • No metal parts
  • 100% High Purity PFA and PTFE wetted flow path
  • Self-Priming Maintenance friendly design
  • For liquid temperature up to 350°F (180°C)
  • Warranty for up to 5 years


Max. Liquid Temperature °F (°C) 350 (180)
Max. Liquid Back Pressure Psig (Bar) 72.5 (5)
Max. Air Pressure Forward Psig (Bar) 5 (72.5)
Self Priming Yes
Viscosity 500


  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Wafer Processing Solutions

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